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#1 Data repair utility for Sage 300

Sage 300 2021 compatibility is currently in development.


Purge History Utility

Have a large Sage 300 database that
has 10, 20 or 30 years of history?

Remove historical data quickly and completely.
Purge History Utility is the product for you.

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Fiscal Year End Change

Fiscal Year End Change Utility

Need to change fiscal calendar year end?

Allows shifting the fiscal calendar to
reflect a different closing date

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FixIT Professional

FixIT Professional
will repair Sage 300  data integrity problems.
FixIT is designed to identify and repair or remove data corruption.
User friendly, no knowledge of database layout/structure required.
Guaranteed to repair your data.

Download FixIT Professional today and take charge of your accounting data. 

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National Account Change Utility 

National Account Change Utility allows you to change one or more Sage AR National Accounts even if they have open invoices. All of the open invoices and statements are changed to reflect the new National Account Number.

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General Ledger/Bank Services Import Utility
Payroll Import

Payroll Import provides a quick and easy update to General Ledger and Bank Services from any payroll service or third party application. Payroll Import converts a payroll service file into a comma separated value file for importing into a General Ledger and/or Bank Entry. Select specific information to include from the payroll service file (i.e. Description, Reference, Comment, and Source Ledger Type).

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Unit of Measure Change Utility

Convert Units of Measure to upper case for loading into Microsoft SQL.
Rename any unit of measure for any item.
Example: Item "A1-103/0" - change "Ea." to "Each"  or "EACH"

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Data Conversion Service
Problems converting a database?

Let Musick International simplify your repair and conversion needs
No need to install intermediate versions of Sage

Email  dbr @ Musick-Int.com with database size, starting version, third party products and any known data corruption for a quote and time frame.

Developed from over 30 years of serving the Sage 300 community


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