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    FixIT Professional

Version 7.0.0

Compatible with
Sage 300 2023 (v7.0A)

FixIT Professional
will repair Sage 300  data integrity problems. FixIT is designed to identify and repair or remove data corruption. User friendly, no knowledge of database layout/structure required. It is Guaranteed to repair your data.

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Sage 300 2023

  • Compatible with Sage 300 2022  version 7.0A
    (AP, AR, BK, GL, IC, OE, PO, PJC, PR & TX)
  • New US and Canadian Tax version for 7.3
  • Updated for Sage 2017 v6.4A Product Update 9
  • Updated for Sage 2018 v6.5 Product Update 7
  • Updated for Sage 2019 v6.6 Product Update 8
  • Updated for Sage 2020 v6.7 Product Update 7
  • Updated for Sage 2021 v6.8 Product Update 4
  • Updated for Sage 2022 v6.9 Product Update 1
  • FixIT locate database screen defaults to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Purge AP, Purge AR and Purge Bank upgraded to 2022 compatibility
  • Updated FixIT PinPoints to Sage 2022 compatibility (v7.0A)

  • FixIT System phase - new index validation for Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • New Optional Field Validation phase
  • FixIT Repair log - new output to FixITReport.txt in the reports folder
  • Added reload database and applications after running "Remove Application"
  • Fields type validation added to integrity phase
  • Bank Services updated validation of Accounts Receivable and Payroll deposits
  • Microsoft SQL Server database - create table to initialize field and key information
  • Microsoft SQL Server database - Low Level Rebuild (read and recover)
  • General Ledger - recreate posted transactions from posting journal detail
  • Correct General Ledger Trial Balance Report when balance is incorrect by a small amount (rounding errors)
  • Sage 300 data integrity error - "Item Valuation Mismatch"; FixIT will update either location details or item valuation.
  • "Standardize Application" to synchronize fields, indexes and flags to Sage 300 defaults
  • FixIT "PinPoint" will resolve specific data issues
  • Reset "Database ID" after copying or renaming a database
  • System Validation between data tables, system tables and the database
  • Script tools - for specific modifications to the database; rebuild, purge and batch status
  • "Remove Applications" is useful to remove applications that are not used
  • Automatic notification of FixIT updates
  • FixIT Editor allows modification of tables in Pervasive and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Purge AP, AR and Bank by vendor, customer, bank code and date




  • Batch Status Script - update the status of AP, AR and GL batches
  • AP Delete Invoices - allows removal of specific AP unpaid invoices
  • AR Delete Invoices - remove specific AR unpaid invoices by range
  • Delete Bill of Materials
  • Delete Order Entry Orders - easiest way to purge a specific order or historical data
  • Delete Purchase Orders - easiest way to purge a specific order or historical data
  • Export GL Posted Transactions
  • FixIT Rebuild - easiest way to rebuild tables in Pervasive or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Add Item Locations - add inventory control item locations for all items
  • AP Find Invoice - locate AP invoices in open batches
  • Payroll Earnings - payroll missing earnings/deductions from year to date information
  • AR Clear Statements - this PinPoint clears ALL statements in Accounts Receivable. AR version 6.0A through 7.0A
  • AR Reset Statement Date - this PinPoint modifies AR Statements and sets them to a prior date. AR version 6.0A through 7.0A
  • Bank No Entries - Bank entries not displaying. Bank entries are not posted, but do not show in entry screen. Remove orphan bank entry transactions
  • AP Vendor Balance - update vendor open invoice balance
  • Correct AR Data Integrity Error - "The document should not have any supporting open document details."
  • ICXLOT Quantity Ordered - repair quantity ordered for lot (reserved) from OE Orders
  • National Account Set - assign National Account code in AR to any value, even if unpaid transactions exist
  • National Account Stats - update National Accounts statistics
  • OE Day End Error - correct Day End error - "Cannot find OESHCD"
  • PO Clear History - Error Record Not Found - Reset Clear History Error - Record Not Found
  • Update IC History Quantities and Costs - inserts one history record per item/location to correct History Report
  • Update IC Not Costed Values - set location details - not costed fields to zero
  • Update Project Job Cost costs - updates costs in contracts, projects and categories
  • Update Project Job Cost quantities - updates quantities in contracts, projects and categories

    Various Fixes

  • FixIT Rebuild script to handle databases over 120 gigabytes
  • Low level rebuild in Integrity Phase - data corruption caused table to be blank after rebuild
  • Changed "Update of Table" to "Delete/Add" for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Revised "Remove Applications" - GL chart of accounts is required
  • GL Application Phase - skip check for missing transactions when consolidated
  • Corrected run time Error 713. Class not registered. Removed reference to MsStdFmt.dll
  • Pervasive tables that were not displaying in FixIT Rebuild Script screen was corrected
  • AR Application Phase 3 - when schedule invoice amount is equal to amount due, then payment record is not required
  • Reset application list on the Validate screen after running Remove Application
  • FixIT dictionary for IC orphan phase validation updated

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