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PROPERTY MANAGER - v2.0C Update instructions

This version includes CAM, AP->Tenant Pass Through, Mini Escalations, Interface to Full Escalations, Receipt Numbering, Enhanced Banking Center to highlight a few.

If you previously installed the PROPERTY MANAGER and Musick Manager, follow these instructions to update your computer to the latest version.

NOTE: You will need a new Activation License Key for the new 20B version.

1) Stop the Musick Manager and the Musick Provider.

2) Un-install the previous version of the Musick Manager and PROPERTY MANAGER
     a) Select Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. 
     b) From the list of available applications, select "Musick Property Manager (Workstation Install)". Click the Add/Remove button. Follow the screen prompts. If prompted to remove modules, select "NO".  
      c) Repeat this process for the "Musick Property Manager (Server Install)","Musick Provider" and "Musick Manager" applications.
      NOTE: The Musick Manager and Provider should be un-installed last. Un-install all applications and then the Musick Manger and Provider.

2) Re-install the Musick Manager, Musick Provider and PROPERTY MANAGER (server and workstation). Follow installation instructions on the "Property Manager Installation Instructions".

NOTE: If you are installing the PROPERTY MANAGER on a standalone computer, the database, Musick Provider and Musick Manager will be installed on one computer. For your convenience the PMStandAlone.exe contains all of the components in one easy install. To install everything on one computer, click here. Follow the instructions on the "Test Drive Property Manager" page. 

3) If prompted to "Re-start", complete all of the installs and then "Re-start" the computer.

4) To start the Musick Provider automatically as a service, go to "Control Panel" - "Administration Tools" - "Services". Select "Properties" for Musick Provider. Change the "Startup Type:" to Automatic. Click "Start" to start the Musick Provider.

5) Convert database to v2.0C. Start the Musick Manager. Connect to the Property Manager Database. From the "Toolbox" menu select "Data Activation". Select the Property Manager 20B and click OK. Click OK again when prompted to convert the PROPERTY MANAGER from version 20A to 20B.

6) Repeat the Data Activation on other applications that need conversion. (Financial Toolbox 20B, Accounts Payable 20B and/or Escalations 20B).

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Thank You for selecting the PROPERTY MANAGER.

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