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For those of you who would like to test drive of the PROPERTY MANAGER, here is your chance.  

The PROPERTY MANAGER FREE TRIAL version is available. Download and install the Stand Alone Trial.

To test drive the PROPERTY MANAGER follow these instructions.

1) Download the PMStandAlone.exe. Save the program  to disk. Remember the destination path and file name. (Ex: C:\PMStandAlone.exe) (39 mgb)

2) If you have a previous version of PM installed, un-install that version before installing the current version. Do not install over a live installation of PM.

3) Run the Stand Alone install.  From the Windows Desktop select "Start" and "Run". Enter the destination path and file name. (Ex:: C:\PMStandAlone.exe) Follow the screen prompts.

4) Start the Musick Provider. From the Windows Desktop select "Start" and "Programs". Select "Property Manager Stand Alone" and "Musick Provider". The Provider runs as a service in the back ground. It handles the communication between the Musick Manager and the database. When the Musick Provider is running a lighting bolt will appear in the system tray (above the date and time).

5) Start the Musick Manager. From the Windows Desktop select "Start" and "Programs". Select "Property Manager Stand Alone" and "Musick Manager". The Manager handles the user interface for the Property Manager.  The Musick Manager will start. (screen). 

6) Connect to the Musick Provider. Select File and Connect to Musick Provider. The Connect screen will display.

The default information will connect locally. Enter "admin" for the password and click "Connect". 

To test the Property Manager over the Internet, enter the following information. Enter "Musick International" for the Provider Name. Enter "" for the Provider IP#. Enter "30170" for Server Port. Enter "Guest" for User ID.   Enter "guest" for the password. Select "Connect". Note: the ID and password are case sensitive.

7) Open the Sample Database. The following screen will display. Select "Open".

8) The Musick Manager is now connected to the Musick Provider over the internet. (screen) Follow the preview or explorer on your own. 

We would love to personally walk you through the PROPERTY MANAGER. Webinars are available by appointment.

We are interested in your comments. So let us know what you think. Send comments to  To date we have had many encouraging and informational comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

Additional Info: 
Tool Bar Function Keys
     F2 = First Record
     F3 = Previous Record
     F4 = Next Record
     F5 = Last Record
     F6 = Finder lookup (available on highlighted fields)
     F7 = Add new Record
     F8 = Save Current Record
     F9 = Delete Current Record
     F11 = Close the current active screen
     F12 = Print 

Click here for additional Keyboard Shortcuts.

Thank You for evaluating the PROPERTY MANAGER.