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Create/Modify Tax Calculation

Create Tax Authorities

To setup taxes, first setup the “Tax Authorities”.

 Create a Tax Authority. Add the amounts to the respective fields. If tax is to be included in other tax authorities, check the box next to “Include tax in charge?”.

Create Tax Group

Create a Tax Group and assign the Tax Authorities that make up the tax calculation.


Modify Charge Code Maintenance

Next assign the Tax Group to the Charge Codes. Select Property Manager – Setup – Charge Codes.

Check the box next to “Is this charge taxable?”. Then add the “Tax Group” on the “Taxes” tab.

If you need to replace all of the “Tenant Recurring Charges”, go to the “Global Replace” tab and check the box “Globally Replace Recurring Charge Data”.

Click the “Save” icon or press F8 to save the record and modify the recurring charges.

Tenant Recurring Charges

Recall a recurring charge for a tenant. Select Property Manager – Maintenance – Tenant Recurring Charges. Select the tenant and then double click the appropriate charge. This screen will dispay.

Check the box next to “Taxable” in the lower right corner. Then select the “Tax” tab.

Add the appropriate “Tax Group”. Click the “Save” button.

When “Activate Recurring Charges” function is run, it will pick up the charges and calculate the tax associated to the “Tax Group”.


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