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Starting PROPERTY MANAGER (Musick Provider & Musick Manager)

Starting the Musick Provider

The Musick Provider starts differently depending on the operating system of the Host Computer.

On NT Server/Windows 2000/WinXP,  the Musick Provider starts as a service. The default after installation of the Musick Provider is 'Manual'. To automatically have the Musick Provider start when the computer boots is to change the services setting to 'Automatic'. This is changed in the Component Services. Contact your system administrator for information on changing this setting. 

On Windows 98, WinME,  the Musick Provider is started automatically when the computer is booted. After installation reboot the computer to automatically start the Musick Provider. The Musick Provider may be started manually by turning off the load during boot. To do this use the 'MSCONFIG' utility.  Contact your system administrator for information on using this utility. 

On any operating system the Musick Provider can be started manually (only if not started automatically of course). To start the Musick Provider manually, select ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Musick Provider’, ‘Musick Provider’. When the Musick Provider is running, a "Lightning Bolt" icon will appear in the system tray.

Configuration of the Musick Provider is handled through the Musick Provider Console. To start the Interface, select ‘START’, ‘PROGRAMS’, ‘Musick Provider’, ‘Musick Provider Console’. The default password is "admin" (lower case).

The ‘Monitor’ tab displays the current information about users connected to the Musick Provider. The "Locked Resources" tracks users and the processes they are doing to avoid database conflicts. The ‘Configuration’ tab allows the entry of the Provider Settings and Application Registration. Click on the "Application Registration" tab to enter license key. Tight click on the application to activate and select "Activate Product". Enter the license key and click ‘Activate’. If you do not have a license key, don’t worry, the Musick Provider  will allow you to continue for 60 days. After 60 days the interim license will expire and the Musick Provider will not allow access to the data. NOTE: The License Key is for a specific computer name. If this computer is not the same as the license key, the key cannot be saved.

The computer name is displayed on the 'Configuration' tab. This is important, because each workstation that will connect to this Musick Provider  will have to know this computer name. The Musick Manager will enter this computer name in the "Provider IP" field on the Connect to Musick Provider Screen.

Databases are created using the ‘Databases’ tab. From here you can create and modify the location, name and type of database. A database must be created before data can be entered at the workstation.

For security reasons, you should change the default password for user ‘Admin’. The default password is ‘admin’, but we recommend changing this when the Musick Provider  is installed.

Starting the Musick Manager

To start the PROPERTY MANAGER, the Musick Manager  must be started first. From ‘START’, ‘PROGRAMS’, ‘Musick Manager’, select ‘Musick Manager’. All of the PROPERTY MANAGER data entry and processing is handled through the Musick Manager.

To connect to the Musick Provider, select ‘File’ and ‘Connect to Musick Provider’ or ‘Ctrl+C’. The Connect To Musick Provider Screen is displayed.

Enter the Server Name:: (Server Computer name for the computer running the Musick Provider.), the User ID, and the password for the user. The default password for ‘Admin’ is ‘admin’.  If ‘Admin’ does not display in the list, simply type in the ID as 'Admin' and password 'admin'. NOTE: Remember the ID and Password are CASE SENSITIVE.

Do not change the Port Number. This match the Port Number of the Musick Provider.

Next select the appropriate database from the list of available databases on that Musick Provider. Click the "Open" button.

If PROPERTY MANAGER does not show up on the menu, select ‘Data Activation’ from the ‘Database Toolbox’ menu. Activate the PROPERTY MANAGER application.

Messages and their meaning

The message: 

 The ‘Connect to Musick Provider' screen of the Musick Manager generates this message. The Musick Manager is trying to connect to the Musick Provider on another computer. The connection cannot be made.

Possible reasons:
     1) Verify the Connect Screen. Be sure the ‘Server Name:'  field contains the correct ‘Computer Name’ of the Server Computer or the web address of the computer where the Musick Provider is installed.
     2) Verify the Musick Provider is running/started on the Server (Host) Computer specified in the ‘Server Name:’ field.
     3) Verify the connection to the Server (Host) Computer. If connecting over the Internet, verify the modem or LAN is able to connect to other sites on the Internet. NOTE: You must connect to the Internet before trying to connect to the Host Computer. 

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Thank You for evaluating the PROPERTY MANAGER.