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Recurring Charge Processing

This page will explains how to setup and activate charges (ex: RENT) that repeat. The frequency and amount of the charge are setup in the Recurring Charges Maintenance. The Activate Recurring Charges function creates a billing batch from the recurring charges. The user may then edit, print and post the charges.

1) Tenant Recurring Charges Maintenance

2) Activate Recurring Charges

Tenant Recurring Charges Maintenance

This function allows the user to pre-define charges for tenants. The charges may be a one time future charge or a repeating charge (such as rent). No limit to the number of charges that may be recurring.

Steps to setup a recurring charge for a tenant.

1) Tenant Recurring Charges -> From the Property Manager menu, select
"Maintenance" and then "Tenant Recurring Charges" to open the Tenant Recurring Charge maintenance screen.

2) Select the Tenant. Type in the Tenant code or use F6 (Finder)
to select the correct tenant.

3) To add a charge for this tenant click the "Add New Charge Code" icon to the left of the grid ( or press the "Insert" key in the grid). To modify a charge, double click the charge in the grid. To delete a charge click the "Remove Charge" icon or highlight the charge and press the "Delete" key.

4) When adding or modifying a recurring charge the "Recurring Charge Maintenance" screen will display. Enter the charge code. The charge codes must exist in the Charge Code Maintenance screen.

5) The "Calculation" tab allows setup of the "Recurring Period", "Charge Date" and "Charge Amount". The "Charge Date" and "Charge Amount" are the date and amount to be charged the next time Activate is run. The Activate will look at the "Charge" date to determine if this charge is to be billed. After the recurring charge batch is posted, the "Next Date" is moved to the "Charge Date" and the Next Date is recalculated according to the recurring period. The Next Amount is moved to the Charge Amount.

5) Save the Recurring Charges by pressing F8 (Save record).


Activate Recurring Charges

The Activate process allows to the user to create repeat charges for specific property, building and/or unit. Leave these fields blank to include all properties, buildings and units. Change the date range to include the charges to activate. Usually this will be the next month.

Steps to activate recurring charges.

1) Activate Recurring Charges -> From the Property Manager menu, select
"Billing Processing" and then "Activate Recurring Charges" to open the screen.

2) Enter the Charge Date range for the charges to activate.

3) The "Invoice Entry Description" is the description added to the invoice. (Ex: April Rent).

4) The "Charge Description Prefix" is the description added to the beginning of the charge description. If the charge description is "Rent" and you enter "April" in this field, the charge code description will be "April Rent".

5) Click "Process" to generate a billing batch populated with recurring charges within the criteria selected.

a) You can edit the recurring batch after activation.
b) The recurring charges are updated after posting of the recurring batch. If the un-posted billing batch is deleted, recurring charges may be re-activated for the same period.


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