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Miscellaneous Cash Receipt

 Miscellaneous cash receipts are payments received which are not applied to a specific tenant or unit owner. The cash is simply deposited into the appropriate bank account. For this reason the receipt of miscellaneous cash is preformed through the Banking Center.

This page will explain how to receive miscellaneous cash. First open the Banking Center and create a batch containing the miscellaneous cash transaction. Then print and post the batch. The General Ledger entries are transferred via the "GL Transfer" program on the "Month End" menu.

1) Open the Banking Center. From the menu on the left, expand the "Financial Toolbox". Select the "Banking Center".

2) Select the "Retrieval Batch Processing"  menu.

3) Select the "Batch Edit". The "Batch Edit" screen is displayed.

4) For the Batch Type select "Manual Batch".

5) Create a new batch by pressing "F7" or clicking the Clipboard icon (create new batch) on the toolbar.

6) Select the Bank Code where to receive the receipt. Add a description as desired. Click the "New Batch" button.

7) Leave the "Entry Type" as "Deposit". Enter a "Document ID" or check number to identify this receipt. Fill in the remaining fields on this screen.  The "Offset GL Acct" is the General Ledger account to represent where the money originated (income, misc, etc). The bank account is taken from the "GL Bank Account" field on the "Bank Maintenance" screen ("Setup" tab).

8) After entering all of the field press the F8 (save record) or click the "Disk" icon on the toolbar to save the entry and the batch.

9) The "Batch Listing" menu choice will allow you to print the batch just entered.

10) Select the "Post Batches" menu choice to post the batch.

11) The GL entries for the Bank Batch just posted are transferred to the General Ledger using the "GL Transfer" function found on the "Month End" menu. NOTE: the source code "GL-DP" must be added to the ACCPAC General Ledger "Setup" - "Source Code" maintenance.

The transaction just entered may be view by the "Transaction Inquiry" function located on the Banking Center menu.

Printing of Bank Transactions is available from the "Reports" - "Transactions" menu.