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PROPERTY MANAGER Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions for a standard installation

The PROPERTY MANAGER is a multi-tier application. Because of this, the install includes several components. The components are divided into two groups; the server components and the workstation components. The server components include those programs that reside (usually) on a network server. The workstation components are installed on each workstation that will need to use the PROPERTY MANAGER.

The database server may be ACCESS and/or MS SQL and may reside on a different computer or the same computer as the Musick Provider. MS SQL is not included with the PROPERTY MANAGER and must be installed prior to creating an MS SQL database.

 If you are installing the PROPERTY MANAGER on a standalone computer, the database, Musick Provider and Musick Manager will be installed on one computer. For your convenience the PMStandAlone.exe contains all of the components in one easy install. To install everything on one computer, click here. Follow the instructions on the "Test Drive Property Manager" page.

Server Components

The server components consist of the Musick Provider and the server side programs for PROPERTY MANAGER.  The Musick Provider runs on the server as a service and handles all the communication between the workstations and the database. If the Musick Provider is installed on a web server with a public IP address  (URL), remote workstations with internet access can use that IP to communicate with the Provider.

The PROPERTY MANAGER server application receives instructions from the workstation user interface, processes the information and updates the database or returns data to the workstation.

The Musick Provider can communicate with either Ms Access or Ms Sql database. These  databases maybe on the same server or a different server. This allows for scalable distributive processing.

The Musick Provider Console is the user interface for the Musick Provider. The Console allows the user to add/modify Provider Properties, Users, Security and Databases.

Workstation Components

The workstation components consist of the Musick Manager and the PROPERTY MANAGER application. The Musick Manger handles the communication from the User Interface (Tenant Maintenance for example) to the server (Musick Provider). The user interface is handled by the PROPERTY MANAGER workstation installation.

For convenience the Workstation installs are included with the server components. All of the installs for the workstation available where the Musick Provider is installed. Look for the package icon in the Musick Provider folder. Musick Manager installation file is MusickManager.exe. The PROPERTY MANAGER workstation install is included in the server installation. By including the client side installs on the server, PROPERTY MANAGER can be installed on workstations by using the install already on the network server.

Installing Server Components

1)       Installing the Musick Provider.  On the computer where the Musick Provider is to be installed, run the install program ‘MusickProvider.exe’ with "Run As Administrator".. Follow the screen prompts. Note: For a standalone installation, run the stand alone install PMStandALone.exe

Click here to install the Musick Provider. When prompted, select “Open” or “Ok” to start the install.

2)       Install the server side programs for PROPERTY MANAGER. Run the install program ‘PM20C-MP.exe’ with "Run As Administrator". Follow the screen prompts. Note: PM=PROPERTY MANAGER. 20C=version 2.0C of PM and MP = Musick Provider..

Click here to install the PROPERTY MANAGER (Server Side) Program. When prompted, select “Open” or “Ok” to start the install.

Installing Workstation Components

1)       Install the Musick Manager. From the workstation run the ‘MusickManager.exe’ install program. This program can be downloaded, found on PROPERTY MANAGER CD or run from the network installation of the application server. Follow the screen prompts.

Click here to install the Musick Manager.  Install using "Run As Administrator". When prompted, select “Open” or “Ok” to start the install.

2)       Install the PROPERTY MANAGER client. Run the ‘PM20C.exe’ install program. PM=PROPERTY MANAGER and 20C=the version of this install. This program may be downloaded, installed from CD or installed from the network. If network connection is unavailable, the Musick Manager may download the PROPERTY MANAGER after connecting to the Provider. Select Tools/Product Download from the Musick Manager menu.

Click here to install the PROPERTY MANAGER (workstation install) Program. Install using "Run As Administrator". When prompted, select “Open” or “Ok” to start the install.  

NOTE: It is not required to install the Musick Manager and PM on the server computer (where the Musick Provider is installed). But for convenience of setup and testing the installation we recommend installing the Musick Manager and PM where the Musick Provider is installed.

Starting the Muisck Provider

The Musick Provider starts differently depending on the operating system.

On Microsoft Server, the Musick Provider starts as a service.  From Administrative Tools select "Services" to configure Musick Provider to start automatically. To start the Musick Provider manually select ‘START’, ‘PROGRAMS’, ‘Musick Provider’, ‘Musick Provider’.  The first time running the Provider, we recommend "Run As Administrator". Configuration of the Musick Provider is handled through the Musick Provider Console. To start the Console, select ‘START’, ‘PROGRAMS’, ‘Musick Provider’, ‘Musick Provider Console’ (or right click the lighting bold in the system tray).

On Windows 10 the Musick Provider may be started automatically in ‘StartUp’ folder or can be started manually from ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Musick Provider’, ‘Musick Provider’.  

The default password for the Musick Provider Console is "admin". This may be changed from the "Configuration" tab of the Musick Provider Console.

The ‘Monitor’ tab displays the current status of the Musick Provider.  The ‘Configuratoin’ tab contains setting for the Provider and Application Registration. To register a product, right click on a Product, enter the license key and click ‘Activate’. If you do not have a license key, don’t worry, the Musick Provider will allow you to continue for 60 days. After 60 days the interim license will expire and the Musick Provider will not allow access to the data. NOTE: The License Key is for a specific computer name. If this computer is not the same as the license key, the key cannot be saved.  

To request a license key right click on a product. Fill in the form and click email.

Databases are created using the ‘Databases’ tab. From here you can create and modify the location, name and type of database. A database must be created before data can be entered at the workstation.

For security reasons, you should change the default password for user ‘Admin’. The default password is ‘admin’, but we recommend changing this when the Musick Provider is installed.

Starting the Musick Manager

To start the PROPERTY MANAGER, the Musick Manager must be started first. From ‘START’, ‘PROGRAMS’, ‘Musick Manager’, select ‘Musick Manager’. The first time running the Provider, we recommend "Run As Administrator". All of the PROPERTY MANAGER data entry and processing is handled through the Musick Manager.

To connect to the Musick Provider, select ‘File’ and  ‘Connect to Musick Provider’ or ‘Ctrl+C’. Enter the Server Name (Server Computer name for the computer running the Musick Provider.).  The Server Name can be the URL or IP# of a web server hosting the Musick Provider. Enter the User ID, and the password for the user. The default password for user ID ‘Admin’ is ‘admin’. (NOTE: The id and password are case sensitive)

Next select the appropriate database from the list of available databases running on that provider.

If PROPERTY MANAGER does not show up on the menu, select ‘Data Activation’ from the ‘Database Toolbox’ menu. Activate the PROPERTY MANAGER application.

Messages and their meaning

The message: 

"Musick Manager was not able to connect to the Musick Provider. This is most likely caused by the Musick Provider not running on the server machine.

“A TCP Error details 10061:”  
 “Connect method failed. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host. i.e. one with on server application running.”

The Musick Manager is unable to establish a connection to the Musick Provider. The connection cannot be made.

 Possible reasons: 
1) Verify the Connect Screen. Be sure the ‘Server Name’ field contains the correct ‘Computer Name’ of the Computer or the web address where the Provider is running.
 2) Verify the Musick Provider is running/started on the other Computer specified in the ‘Server Name’ field.
 3) Verify the connection to where the Provider is running. If connecting is over the Internet, verify the modem or LAN is able to connect to other sites on the Internet. NOTE: You must connect to the Internet before trying to connect to the Provider Computer. 

Thank you for selecting the PROPERTY MANAGER. If we can be of assistance, please contact us at 719-395-4171 or or .

Thank You for selecting the PROPERTY MANAGER.