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Install Notes





  A) Install Musick Manager Transfers

    1) Create floppy install disk.

        From the root of the CD execute  MP20C.exe

    2) Install DOS Musick Manager Transfers

        Start ACCPAC Plus

        Press F3 to display the System Manager Menu.

        Select Install Programs


  B) Run Musick Manager Transfers 

    1) Add start menu entry for Musick Manager Transfers pointing to DOS PM data

        Highlight the Musick Manager Transfers entry on the Start List.

        Press Tab to modify this entry.

        Press Return to modify the drive\path and data extension.

    2) Start Musick Manager Transfers

        Highlight Musick Manager Transfers on the Start List and press Enter.

    3) Select the Export Path destination for the CSV files and applications to export.

    3) Create CSV Files

        Select Export to create the CSV files.

  C) Follow the next steps to create a windows database and then convert the CSV files to the windows database.

II)              Create PROPERTY MANAGER database

  A) Start Musick Provider Console 

    1) Click Start - Programs - Musick Provider - Musick Provider Console

        Connect to the Provider. The default password is "admin". Note case sensitive.

        The “Musick Provider Console” screen will display.  


  B) Create a new database

    1) Click on the "Databases" tab.

    2) Right Click in the database grid and then click “New Database”.

        The “Database Properties” screen will display.

        Enter the name of this database for the DataBase ID.

        Enter a descriptive name of the database for the DataBase Name.

        For the DB Location click on the “…” button at the end of the line.

        The “Select Access Database” screen will display.

        At the bottom of the screen is the "Database" field. Type in the files name of the data base to be created. Ex: “MyPMData” Click “Select” button.  

        Click “Save” on the Database Properties screen.  

    2) You have just created a new database. Exit the “Musick Provider Console” and follow the next steps to Import CSV files created earlier.


III) Activate the Property Manager Application


  A) Start the Musick Manager.

    1) Start - Programs - Musick International - Musick Manager - Musick Manager

    2) Connect to the database created in the previous step II).

    3) From the left menu select "Database ToolBox".

    4) From the right menu select "Data Activation".

    5) Check the box next to Property Manager and click "Activate" button.

    6) Click OK when the Property Manager Activate Screen displays.

    7) Close the Musick Manager.

    8) Continue with the next step to Import the CSV files.

IV)    Import CSV Files

A) Start CSV Import Program

    1) Execute the "CSVImport.exe" program. 

          The location will be the folder PM20C where the Musick Provider is installed. Default location is:

           C:\Program Files\Musick International, Inc\MusickProviderr\PM20C

    2) Fill in the screen information;

        Note: At the top of the screen select File - Select Database

        Select the name of the database created in the previous step.

        Click the (...) next to DOS Property Manager CSV files to browse to the location where the CSV files were created in step 1.

        Check the Clear Database box if importing a second time.

        If you export the GL Mapping table from ACCPAC Advantage, you may specify the path if you check Use GL Mapping File.

        Click Import to proceed

        Note: If the Import button does not display, click on FILE at the top of the screen and then select a database.

Following the above steps created a new database populated with PROPERTY MANAGER DOS data. To access the data, start the Musick Manager.      
                         Start  -  Programs  -  Musick Manger  - Musick Manger

 Connect to the Musick Provider.  Click on File – Connect to Providerr. When the “Connect to Musick Provider” screen displays, enter “LocalHost” for both the Provider Name and Provider IP# fields. User ID is Admin and the Password is  admin (note: lower case). Click the “Connect” button.

 Select the name of the new database and click “Open” to open the database. You can now preview and interact with the converted data. For screen sensitive help, press the F1 key.

Thank You for selecting THE PROPERTY MANAGER.

 For information and support please contact your dealer or Musick International, Inc.      719-395-4171

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