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Frequently asked Question Topics:

Installing a utility

1) Download and save DataCHECK or FixIT Pro from our website. Do not run the installation from the website.
2) After downloading, right click on the download and "Run as Administrator".
3) Leave the default installation folder.  "C:\FixITcc"
4) On the initial startup of DataCHECK or FixIT, go to the folder where DataCHECK is installed and "Run as Administrator".
5) From the Maint. screen, activate DataCHECK/FixIT Professional
6) On first time setup, click "Passwords" on left toolbar to add the user and password for connection to the database
    Note: If the database does not connect, try “Locate” on the left toolbar to manually define the company in the FixIT company list
7) Verify the connection to the company database on the "Validate" screen.
8) From the folder where DataCHECK/FixIT is installed (C:\FixITcc), run the install for the desired utility.
9) Launch the utility from the Windows Start Menu - Musick International - <name of utility>

 Utility Requirements

Requires DataCHECK or FixIT Professional for connection to the database.


Utilities require either DataCHECK or FixIT Professional in order to connect to the database (user/password).
A FREE copy of DataCHECK included with purchase.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Because DataCHECK or FixIT Professional are required by each utility, the maintenance and upgrade pricing is according to the product you have.
Please refer to FixIT or DataCHECK for maintenance and/or upgrade pricing.

DataCHECK/FixIT is not compatible with this release

If you receive this message: "It appears that the version of DataCHECK/FixIT currently installed is not compatible with this release of <name of utility>"

This is a result a later release of DataCHECK or FixIT was installed. Simply go the to the folder where DataCHECK/FixIT is installed and re-install this utility.

Run-time error '52': Bad file name or number
The database ID and/or the database file name contains characters that are not valid in a DOS file name. Example: (*, \ or .)
The work around is to launch FixIT/DataCHECK and change the database ID and Name.
Use the "Locate Data" and specify FixIT Path and create a new entry to point directly at the Ms SQL database.

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