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Installing FixIT Professional on Windows 7 / Server 2008.

1) Download and save FixIT Pro install from our website. Do not run the installation from the website.
2) After downloading, right click on the download and "Run As Administrator".
3) Select a different default installation folder.  "C:\FixITcc"
4) On the initial startup of FixIT, go to the folder where FixIT is installed and "Run As Administrator".
5) If you receive the Run-time error 339 -  "Component COMCT332 is missing", run this Microsoft install ComCt332.ocx

Running DataCheck or FixIT Professional on Server 2003

DataCheck or FixIT Professional require the installation of the MS Common Controls for installation on MS Server 2003. Download and install the MS Common Controls. This is a Microsoft install. Click here to download.

FixIT - "The specified filename is invalid"

After starting FixIT,  the "Available Data Sets" window pane will display "The specified filename is invalid" under a specific company. Pervasive Microkernel Engine has "Embedded Spaces" turned on. This message usually occurs on Pervasive v9.1, but has showed up in version 8.6.

The cure for this message is to modify the Pervasive Microkernel Router setting. These instructions are for Pervasive Control Center 9.x. Older versions have the same field names, only the screens are arranged differently.

Start the Pervasive Control Center
Click on "Configure Microkernel Router" (right pane on main screen)
Then select "Application Characteristics".
The default value of "Embedded Spaces" for Pervasive is "Checked" (ON).
Un-check the box to turn off "Embedded Spaces"
Click "Apply" and the "OK"

We are not aware of any problems turning off this value.

Invalid Serial Number Format message

During Registration of FixIT for Windows you receive the following Error message. "Invalid Serial Number Format. Re-enter Serial number.".


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