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Installing Fiscal Year End Change

1) Download and save DataCHECK or FixIT Pro from our website. Do not run the installation from the website.
2) After downloading, right click on the download and "Run As Administrator".
3) Select a different default installation folder.  "C:\FixITcc"
4) On the initial startup of FixIT, go to the folder where FixIT is installed and "Run As Administrator".
5) From the Maint. screen, activate DataCHECK/FixIT
6) Verify the connection to the Company database on the "Validate" screen.
7) From the folder where DataCHECK/FixIT is installed (C:\FixITcc), run the "FiscalYearEndChangeInstall.exe" install.
8) Launch the Fiscal Year End Change from the Windows Start Menu - Musick International - Fiscal Year End Change

General Information

Before running this utility, it is recommended to print several Trial Balance reports for comparison.

The changes made by this utility can not be undone. Please make a backup of the data before proceeding.

All of the sub-ledger applications are also shifted to reflect the new Fiscal Calendar.

DataCHECK/FixIT does not have to be running to use the Fiscal Year End Change Utility.

G/L Segment Codes that are setup to use a "Closing Account" may be selected in Fiscal Year End Change to close to retained earnings.

All years of history in General Ledger and all sub-ledgers are changed by Fiscal Year End Change.

Fiscal Year End Change will not create a short (stub) or long year in the Sage Fiscal Calendar. Sage Fiscal Calendar requires all years to have the same number of periods and all start and end dates must be consecutive.

How to run Fiscal Year End Change utility

Start the Fiscal Year End Change Utility. FiscalYearEndChange.exe

Select the company from the drop down list.

Verify the Company and Fiscal Calendar information is correct.

In the "Yellow Field" enter the number of periods to shift the year end.

To move the year end forward, check the box to close the current year end in the General Ledger.

The display will show how the fiscal year end will change.

Once the proper new year end is selected, click the "Change Year End" button to change the database.

The utility will prompt for a backup.

After the utility has completed, the log file of changes is displayed.

Verify the General Ledger Trial Balance for correct closing balances.

Period 15 net amount does not equal to ... posted transaction record(s) after runnig FYEC

Applies to Sage 2019 (v6.6) PU4 and Sage 2020 (v6.7) PU1.

After running Fiscal Year End Change, the Sage General Ledger Data Integrity reports errors for "Period 15 net amount does not equal to zero when there is not posted transaction record(s) for fiscal set" or "Period 15 net amount does not equal to sum of all posted transaction record(s) for fiscal set"

The version of FYEC installed is not compatible with the Sage 2019 PU4 or Sage 2020 PU1.

Download and install the latest release of DataCHECK or FixIT/Fiscal Year End Change. Download Link


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