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Software Maintenance and Support

Musick International is dedicated to providing timely and expert assistance. We pride ourselves for:

            “Simply the best software and support available !”

Our Software Maintenance Contract is designed to keep you up-to-date with product upgrades, fixes, and new features for an annual fee. Never pay for an upgrade again.

Plus receive free access to Musick’s world-class support staff. Our technical professionals have the reputation for going the extra mile to serve customers when they call. With a thorough understanding of our products as well as Sage 300 product and a focus on the customer, our support staff will respond promptly to your needs and help you be successful with your operations.

Why Purchase a Maintenance Contract?

ü      Streamline your day-to-day operations with direct and immediate problem resolution.

ü      Maintain efficiency and performance with additional resources, it’s like having another employee in your office.

ü      Keep your system running reliably on the latest software without paying for upgrades.

ü      Make better use of your software investment.

ü      A two minute phone conversation with our staff could save hours of fruitless trial and error.

Included in the Maintenance Contract:

            Notification when upgrades are available.

            Upgrades available for immediate download

            Free minor updates

            Free major version releases

            Direct access to technical support
                        (phone and/or email)
                        (8-5 Colorado - Mountain Time)

            Timely problem resolution

 If you have questions, we are here to help.

 To purchase or renew your Maintenance Contract, contact Sales@Musick-Int.com

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